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thePlatform’s website is new and shiny!

Check out thePlatform’s new website. It’s clean and simple.

Can you tell what we do here at thePlatform? How does the design make you feel? Comments/suggestions welcome.

And remember, we’re hiring!


You don’t see a lotta people carrying lightbulbs around here. co-worker

What a day, what a day.

Perforce: Why do you make simple things hard?

In Perforce: Just A Faster CVS? Simon Harris says:

So, it’s 7am-ish and I’ve had 6 or so hours of sleep to ruminate on this but yup, from a developers perspective, I still think Perforce sucks. I like to work offline, a lot, on planes, trains and in taxi-cabs; I like [...]

Project Layout: What’s in a name?

We’re laying out a project now and trying to choose container name for the “that part of the project that where the developers live” as opposed to the “place where the testers test stuff lives”. Using “core” seems so bland… but so far I can’t seem to convince anyone to name it “bedrock”, “presupposition” [...]

Is Fitnesse ready for the Enterprise? It’s getting there.

I found Is Fitnesse Ready for Enterprise? by Naresh Jian today and was impressed to see that he’s rounded up answers for the most common complaints from those new to Fitnesse. I’m going to throw my feedback into this loop and hope to see the community respond. So what is Fitnesse missing? [...]