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SCM and Alternative Input Methods

We’re close to a day when we’ll have the Minority Report interface for managing our branches and merging.

We’ve gone from the wonderful 2D and whiteboard drawings/DOT graphs to some interesting 3D visualizations coupled with alternative interfaces:

Not that I think most people need 3D to get meaningful work accomplished, but I think [...]

On Punctuation: The Exclaimation Mark

I’ve heard many different ways of explaining the exclamation mark but this one is new…

CSR says: We need to make your password more secure in order to submit it, so everything will stay the same except now there’s going to be an exclamation point on the [...]

Pair Programming

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a successful pair programming session. Once you have, you’ll probably feel that programming on your own is incredibly unproductive. Oh… and it’s also great for improving your communication skills; something us programmer/coder/developer types often lack.

Pair Programming is the process where two developers work together on [...]

Mini-Z LED Desk Lamp: Please buy me this please, thanks.

Dear internet, please send me a Mini-Z LED Desk Lamp, thanks!

I love that these LED lights consume something like 7-10 watts compared to 40+ for a traditional light. See more LED lamps from Koncept.

The ultimate keyboard? HHKB Professional HG JAPAN

HHKB Professional HG JAPAN is simply amazing. Who doesn’t love a keyboard with keys painted by the “special Urushi brush made from the tender hairs of a virgin.” CNet Asia

Look at that hand painted and gold dusted keyboard. Popgadget has this to say:

I’m not sure why anyone would pay US$4240 for a blank [...]