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Amazing avalanche photos from Stevens Pass in the Cascades

More pictures are available on flickr via the WADOT

A snow cat sits on a 40 foot tall wall of snow covering US 2 at Stevens Pass, WA

WADOT Flick Photos of Snoqualmie Pass Avalanche

The seattle metroblog pointed out that the WADOT puts photos on flickr. Here is an example of the 300 foot long avalanche that closed I-90 for several days this winter (Jan 2008).

Washington State considers allowing craft distilleries.

Bills moving through the state House and Senate with bipartisan support would let Poffenroth, and others like him, operate craft distilleries that offer free samples and sell up to 9 liters of liquor per customer. Seattle Times: Distillers may get lift from the state

Given the quantities of fruit and grain that Washington [...]