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On Punctuation: The Exclaimation Mark

I’ve heard many different ways of explaining the exclamation mark but this one is new…

CSR says: We need to make your password more secure in order to submit it, so everything will stay the same except now there’s going to be an exclamation point on the [...]

On Craniometry

We were talking about our new company logo’d hats at work. You know, your typical conversation… Why shouldn’t you wear hats to work? Why don’t I and of course each person had to ramble about why they didn’t wear hats… and my favorite people, Dev1 and Dev2 said this:



You don’t see a lotta people carrying lightbulbs around here. co-worker

What a day, what a day.

The requirement that should be included in all RFPs

§5.11.5 The vendor shall provide a pony. cgus

Speaking of Teddy Ruxpin

Walking to lunch with a co-worker I told him, “Hey, I saw in Wired they have a new Teddy Ruxpin now, plays MP3s or something like that.” He replied:

There is something nice about putting a cassette tape in a stomach.

And the answer to everyones’ question:

Will the tapes for [...]