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Real Life Mario Coin Block now offers mixing up some sounds with your favorite photos. Check out this photo originally from mixed up with the coin sound from Mario Brothers

Go check it out!

Super Mario Bros. Coin Block

Ruby Enterprise Edition is nice.


Originally uploaded by devinbenhur

Monthly graph showing elimination of memory leak and dramatic reduction in cpu use deploying rails app on Ruby Enterprise at my current employer instead of Ubuntu Hardy’s ruby-

From flickr, uploaded by devinbenhur on 18 Aug 10, 2010.

SR-410 MP 107 10-11-2009

SR-410 MP 107 10-11-2009

Originally uploaded by Washington State Dept of Transportation

It takes a giant landslide to destroy a quarter mile of road way. It’s the end of summer, it hasn’t rained yet here… what was the tipping point for it?

Cleaning up your Address Book on OS X with Ruby

Lately I’ve been working on mailing out wedding invitations. The easiest way to print address labels on OS X is to select contacts or a group in Address Book, hit print and change the Page option to “Avery Standard” then select the label type. Easy. The hard part is getting all those [...]

Exploring test driven development with Javascript: A look at jsunit, JSSpec, and Screw.Unit

I gave a talk at Seattle Code Camp on testing Javascript about TDD (test driven development) in Javascript using jsunit, JSSpec and Screw.Unit. One thing to come out of this is a github project that is setup to allow you to test your javascript against all three frameworks in one package:

Just [...]