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Elisabeth Hendrickson on Agile Test Automation

Agile teams need tools that separate the essence of the test from the implementation details. Such a separation is a hallmark of good design and increases maintainability. Agile teams also need tools that support and encourage good programming practices for the code portion of the test automation. And that means they need to [...]

3 easy steps to your first Selenium acceptance test.

People keep asking me how to start writing Selenium tests. I’m going to give all my secrets away in this easy 3 step plan.

Begin by recording your high level test with Selenium IDE, convert the result into the language of your choice and put the code in a unit test. Walk through the generated code [...]

Testing File Uploads with Selenium RC and Firefox(Or: Reducing Javascript Security in Firefox for fun and profit.)

People seem to have some problems when it comes to testing file uploads with Selenium RC. I’m not the first to provide a solution but making this work with Selenium RC might take a few more steps.

With Selenium RC you get a fresh browser each time you start a test run. So you’ll [...]

Worst conference acronymn ever? MOIST

The MOntreal Internationalized Software Testing conference possibly has the worst conference abbreviation ever: MOIST

I’ve never been against the word myself, but others really think it’s gross.

Writing Awesomely Readable Tests using Behaviour Driven Development

I’m sold on BDD and have mentioned it a few times and now here I go again. I’ve already told you I’m a fan of ridiculously long test names. When asked why I’m a fan of BDD I’m now going to reply that it’s about awesomely readable tests.

So, BDD is just [...]