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Stalk me if you love to W rite T ests F irst!

Thanks to Google Maps new feature, Street View, if you’d like a free coffee come stalk me! You can see the door to the apartment I’m staying in while being in San Francisco by clicking here . Be the first (or one of the first before I run out of coffee money) and I’ll [...]

Code duplication: Methods made out of ticky tacky.

I was reading Ted Carnahan on ticky tacky and it reminded me of code duplication. Ever start feeling like you’re in a pre-fab sub-division when you’re looking at your code? You might just have some code duplication to take care of.

The phrase ticky tacky was coined by Malvina Reynolds in the song Little [...]

xUnit Patterns and Rails Fixture Woes

I was reading Why Rails Fixtures are No Fun last week and was going to write a great post about xUnit Patterns that would address the problems but today I saw Object Mother In Rails so I don’t need to write it up. Phew!

Test Driven Shell Script Development? Heck yes!

From News

shUnit2 is a xUnit based unit testing framework for shell scripts (eg. sh, bash) that is modeled after the JUnit framework. It is designed to make unit testing in shell as simple as possible.

What are QA, QC, and Test Engineering?

I’ve writen about being an SDET before and now here is Google’s take on the definitions of Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC) and the roll they call Test Engineering.

Here at Google, we tend to take a third approach that we call Test Engineering. We look at this as a bridge between the [...]