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Getting Git, Subversion and Bazaar Version Control Information into your Bash Prompt

Here are some must have bash PS1 commands if you’re working in multiple branches with various SCMs like git, svn or bzr. With this in your .bash_profile you’ll end up getting the following PS1

wesmaldonado:(git)gchartrb[master]/$ wesmaldonado:(svn)wumpus_project[trunk:141279]/$

Found at Lazy Bash cd aliases. The latest can be pulled from github:


SCM and Alternative Input Methods

We’re close to a day when we’ll have the Minority Report interface for managing our branches and merging.

We’ve gone from the wonderful 2D and whiteboard drawings/DOT graphs to some interesting 3D visualizations coupled with alternative interfaces:

Not that I think most people need 3D to get meaningful work accomplished, but I think [...]