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Bend, Oregon: Mt Bachelor, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company and some snow.

Jodi and I went to Bend for a 4 day spring trip. If you need the long drawn out story, check out the three part series otherwise keep on reading.

Day 1 in Bend, OR: Redmond Airport, Shopping in the Old Mill District and Tumalo Falls Day 2 in Bend, OR: Skiing Mt Bachelor, [...]

Photos from The Summit at Snoqualmie

More pictures of available in my Flickr Summit At Snoqualmie Set A small series of pictures I took of the instructors of in line during training can be seen here… Click on it, it’s hard to see without being shown full screen.


Jodi and I took a day off work and got freshies at Alpental.

Go check out the whole Alpental flickr set. The resolution isn’t that great since I took them from my cellphone, but better than nothing right?

Out of the Office Today, 4 feet of new snow at Baker.

We have DEEP SNOW CONDITIONS at the ski area today with 86 INCHES OF NEW SNOW IN THE PAST 4 DAYS and 132 inches of new snow in the week!

Oh, I wish I could take a snow day.

How to fall while skiing.

Fun. I’m going to get it one of these times.