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3 easy steps to your first Selenium acceptance test.

People keep asking me how to start writing Selenium tests. I’m going to give all my secrets away in this easy 3 step plan.

Begin by recording your high level test with Selenium IDE, convert the result into the language of your choice and put the code in a unit test. Walk through the generated code [...]

Testing File Uploads with Selenium RC and Firefox(Or: Reducing Javascript Security in Firefox for fun and profit.)

People seem to have some problems when it comes to testing file uploads with Selenium RC. I’m not the first to provide a solution but making this work with Selenium RC might take a few more steps.

With Selenium RC you get a fresh browser each time you start a test run. So you’ll [...]

Selenium Remote Control 0.9.0 Released

Selenium Remote Control 0.9.0 (November 14, 2006) 0.9.0 includes a bunch of new cool stuff, including frame support, multiWindow support (for testing apps that don’t like to run in a subframe), a Konqueror browser launcher, new cookie-management actions, and support for Firefox 2.0 and IE7. It also includes experimental support [...]

Selenium checkbox input’s versus XPath, it’s easy as: //input[@id=(//label[text()="pie"]/@for)]

Using Selenium and Xpath, what is the easiest way to select the checkbox below if I don’t know what the id will be?

pie Source: <input id=”foo” type=”checkbox”/><label for=”foo”>pie</label>

So far, I’ve come up with this:


It still doesn’t necessarily find the <input> tag, but it’s close enough for most [...]

AJAX Test Driven Development with Selenium

Selenium, it’s all the rage right now because it makes cross browser web application testing simple and easy. What you probably didn’t think it did was make AJAX Test Driven Development Possible, but it does:

Based on selenium, jsunit, we actually can develop javascript application in a TDD way. The recently [...]