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Credit Scams: Why opt-out is a good idea.

I opted out of unsolicited mail earlier this year and today realized why that was a great idea. After being out of town for a month I ended up only spending about an hour filtering my mail… and one piece stood out because it was printed on the lowest quality paper I’ve ever seen [...]

Silverlight Security and SecondLife

Silverlight Security The Silverlight security system (described here, here and here in Shawn Farkas’ blog) promises to be very useful. Unlike CAS that was hard to understand, the Silverlight security model is very simple and can be explained in a couple of minutes. This should be useful [...]

Hidden in plain sight! The world of faux-item-safes.

They will never find it!

Ninja’s never suspect the lettuce.

Never! EVAR!!! Don’t waste your money at Amazon buying a “diversion safe”? Instructables has instructions that allow you to make your own diversion safe.

Or you can go buy one from Amazon (cue the shameless amazon associates links)