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How strange: Visiting ING Renault’s Second Life Pit Zone from Paris

Jodi and I had a strange experience Tuesday in Paris. We were walking down the Champs-Élysées and saw the Renault ING Experience, entered the store and walked into Second Life. Inside the store/experience we saw the usual, race cars, shiny things and then a strange row of computers with signs screaming “Welcome to [...]

Silverlight Security and SecondLife

Silverlight Security The Silverlight security system (described here, here and here in Shawn Farkas’ blog) promises to be very useful. Unlike CAS that was hard to understand, the Silverlight security model is very simple and can be explained in a couple of minutes. This should be useful [...]

Information Week: Inside Second Life’s Data Centers

Jeff Barr provided this link via his linkblog:

Information Week: Inside Second Life’s Data Centers “The servers support 34 Tbytes of user-created content, and the traffic load for accessing that content is very different than a conventional Web site.“

Second Life and Mono

Today the scripts running on Second Life are a bit slow, so they are looking at Mono and the CLI as a way of providing more speed to their users and hopefully allow developers to write in other languages other than their Linden Labs Scripting Language. They have a compiler [...]