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Word of the Day: Kerfuffle

I was reading this fancy article Twitter, Rails, Hammers, and 11,000 Nails per Second and had to stop at the first sentence because of this word, kerfuffle. Say it with me; kerfuffle.

There’s an interesting kerfluffle going on regarding the scaling woes that is going through, especially since it’s built on Ruby [...]

Hadoop Summit: Facebook creates business intelligence tool called Hive

Hive was developed iteratively by a 2 or 3 person team (I think Jeff Hammerbacher was also involved) making it easy for business analysts to ask ad hoc questions of terabytes worth of logfile data by abstracting MapReduce into a SQL like dialect. Think of it as a data warehouse sitting on top [...]

Ruby on Rails doesn’t scale… wait; reverse that.

Dr Nic comments on Friends for Sale Architecture - A 300 Million Page View/Month Facebook Ruby on Rails App with this gem:

Um you guys probably weren’t at the meeting when it was decided that “Rails doesn’t scale”. I’ll forgive you this once, but don’t let me catch you scaling Rails again.

Shard your data or you have failed at life.

Protip: if you are starting a business whose success hinges on scalability of a data store, you had best figure out how to shard across N machines before you launch. Using a single instance of MySQL for the whole thing is a strong indicator that you have failed at life. [...]

5 million requests, 47GB transfer for $10 with EC2

The numbers are looking good for EC2. Read Live Blogging Experiment Results - for the full details, below are the important numbers.

7 pictures 130 text posts 20k visits 50k pageviews to the page 5M requests - this includes the 15 second content refresh and the [...]