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Handling Eventual Consistency with Amazon SimpleDB and Ruby

Eventual consistency. The storage system guarantees that if no new updates are made to the object eventually (after the inconsistency window closes) all accesses will return the last updated value.

My coworker wrote up our experience writing ruby integration tests against Amazon SimpleDB. You should know that we were in an integration test [...]

Headius on Maglev: Is it Ruby?

Charles Nutter had the following to say on the maglev ruby performance numbers:

Except that these are results reported entirely in a vacuum. Whether this is fib following the “rules” of Ruby is entirely an open question. Whether this is method dispatch adhering to Ruby’s call logic is entirely an open question. Whether this [...]

Checking Gmail POP+SSL with Ruby 1.8.6 in 10 minutes or less.

I needed to check Gmail via POP + SSL and didn’t want to use Ruby 1.9, what did I do?

Step 1: Install the latest version of stunnel

Step 2: Put the contents of the stunnel config file you see below some place convenient like ~/gmail-pop-stunnel.conf

foreground = yes client = [...]

Ruby on Rails doesn’t scale… wait; reverse that.

Dr Nic comments on Friends for Sale Architecture - A 300 Million Page View/Month Facebook Ruby on Rails App with this gem:

Um you guys probably weren’t at the meeting when it was decided that “Rails doesn’t scale”. I’ll forgive you this once, but don’t let me catch you scaling Rails again.

Acunote/Nimble Method Patches Speeding up Ruby on Rails

The new Ruby on Rails patches by Acunote/Nimble Method are speeding up Ruby on Rails by a claimed 5X… a friend of mine tried just the ActiveRecord::Base change and reported this:

Yup. I actually just did the ActiveRecord::Base change alone and got a good boost. The code change is pretty solid too. [...]