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Google Gears based offline app, boring because it “just worked”?

I’ve spent the past couple of months elbow deep in writing a Ruby on Rails based AJAX/REST/throw-in-whatever-hip-acronyms-you want-here-application. It was the same old “client” and “server” application we’ve all seen… someone enters data in a slick desktop application and then a “dumb client/mobile client” consumes it over some type of shoddy internet connection that [...]

Ruby on Rails doesn’t scale… wait; reverse that.

Dr Nic comments on Friends for Sale Architecture - A 300 Million Page View/Month Facebook Ruby on Rails App with this gem:

Um you guys probably weren’t at the meeting when it was decided that “Rails doesn’t scale”. I’ll forgive you this once, but don’t let me catch you scaling Rails again.

Acunote/Nimble Method Patches Speeding up Ruby on Rails

The new Ruby on Rails patches by Acunote/Nimble Method are speeding up Ruby on Rails by a claimed 5X… a friend of mine tried just the ActiveRecord::Base change and reported this:

Yup. I actually just did the ActiveRecord::Base change alone and got a good boost. The code change is pretty solid too. [...]

2008: The year of JRuby?

2008 will probably be the year of JRuby. JRuby solves the two biggest pain points I hear from developers about Ruby.

People think Ruby is slow, so I can’t try it out. I don’t know how we would deploy it, what is all this Apache/Mongrel/Rewrite stuff? Can’t I just deploy on our app server?

Headius by [...]

Law of Demeter, MVC views, and the Presenter pattern

Over on Pivotal Blabs there is an interesting post Lovely Demerter, Meter Maid commenting on the last section of Misunderstanding Law of Demeter by Dan Manges. I’m a big fan of making views (the V in MVC) compliant with LoD by using the Presenter Pattern in Rails, go have a read and let us [...]