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Creating persistent APIs for any website: The Secret Sauce is Dapper

I written about creating an API for any website before, but those methods were fraught with danger if the underlying site changed its structure. I’ve known about dapper for quite some time but I didn’t realize that dapps are resilient against underlying site changes until now.

The “Dapp Factory,” a Rhino-based server application [...]

Switched to Google reader; subscribe to my shared items.

I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader months ago and was planning on adding a linkblog feed here that combined with shared items, but I’m lazy… so for now go subscribe to my Google Reader shared items.

Google Reader Trends: Playing catch-up after vacation.

Google reader feeds the data junkie in all of us with feed trends. I took a vacation last week to Sayulita, Nay, MX and realized when I returned that my feeds were a bit, well, unread. On the right of that chart you’ll notice a 5 day gap and then see the spike. [...]

Information Consumption Status: Currently monitoring 187 feeds.

Last night over dinner/drinks I was talking about my feeds to co-workers and they wondered how I consume over 100 feeds. Turns out I’m actually consuming 187 feeds and 11 mailing lists.

What am I consuming? Go have a look at Bloglines Public Feeds for Wes Maldonado

Jobster CEO asks: What should a CEO’s blog be?

I think a CEO blog should be natural and professional or non-existent. Seth Godin gives us a non-blogging example:

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and I think the standards for a multimillionaire CEO announcing a major new venture ought to be pretty high. When you should stop [...]