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Google Gears based offline app, boring because it “just worked”?

I’ve spent the past couple of months elbow deep in writing a Ruby on Rails based AJAX/REST/throw-in-whatever-hip-acronyms-you want-here-application. It was the same old “client” and “server” application we’ve all seen… someone enters data in a slick desktop application and then a “dumb client/mobile client” consumes it over some type of shoddy internet connection that [...]

HTTP Status Code 417 Explained

417 Expectation Failed “No, you can’t have a pony.” REST for Toddlers

I seriously don’t have to work hard at all to find references to ponies.

Amazon S3, low startup cost and fast startup time.

Have you ever wanted to share some content with 50,000 of your closest friends but couldn’t find the time to setup an Akamai account? I guess Amazon’s S3 might work for you.

It just turned out that the S3 solution was ready for deployment immediately, where akamai requires more negotiation. In other words, [...]