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Who is Jay Ruby? Oh, “JRuby”…

I went to the local Barnes and Noble to check out JRuby on Rails and was amused when the clerk started an author search for “Jay Ruby” when I asked if it was in stock.

Continuations in Natural Language

I was reading about Chris Barker’s research and I found this paper on Continuations in Natural Language interesting. Chris has written another paper called Continuations and the Nature of Quantification that I have yet to read but sounds interesting also.

Continuations have interesting uses, for instance the ambiguous operator can be implemented with them. [...]

Code Faster: Keep your hands on the keyboard.

Jeremy Miller just posted The first step to coding faster in which he says:

Forget all the Ivory Tower stuff I like to prattle on about, if you want to be a more productive programmer, learn to keep your hands on the keyboard instead of reaching for that mouse.

Yes, that is all it takes. [...]

Strongtalk: Smalltalk with a need for speed.

What Is Strongtalk? Strongtalk is a major re-thinking of the Smalltalk-80 programming language and system. While retaining the basic Smalltalk syntax and semantics, it contains a number of significant advances, including: Performance Type System The Strongtalk system was developed in secret [...]