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Apple wants a Pony!

Everybody wants a pony… Apple is no exception:

Pony Meeting: The process of a senior manager outlining what they wanted from any new application. Or, as Lopp put it: “I want a pony!” He added: “Who doesn’t? A pony is gorgeous!” The problem, he said, is that these people are describing [...]

Need to see a pony picture? A new one every day? is for you!

I’ve started a new blog dedicated to posting a new pony picture every day. Now you don’t need to waste your precious time searching for your

Seattle Parks offering Halloween Pony Rides!

I’m going to let you in on a secret, about 50% of my traffic comes via the google image search for “pony”. It’s a rather unfortunate thing that I blame on Joel Spolsky. However, in the spirit of breaking the blogging rules about keeping your content focused… here is more pony related [...]