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Announcing the Vancouver PHP Conference

Shane Caraveo asked me to announce to Seattle PHP’ers that they are holding the Vancouver PHP conference February 12th and 13th, 2007.

Interested in speaking? You need to to send an abstract and bio to Shane Caraveo in the next 48 hours, so get on it!

More details can be found at

PHP for IIS 7… Is twenty five times faster a big deal to you?

Running PHP on Windows is nothing new. However, shipping a module that not only supports PHP on IIS 7.0 but is potentially 25x faster than the previous version is huge news…

This makes me happy. I don’t often have to deal with PHP on Windows, but when I do I think [...]

Seattle Drupal Camp 2006: June 28th and 29th

Drupal Camp Seattle takes place June 28th - 29th at Hugo House. Drupal-Camp Seattle is an opportunity to learn about the Free and Open Source Drupal Content Management System. This community driven event will focus on the PHP Theme Engine theming system, theme-able functions, Drupal 4.7 modules, module development and [...]