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Acunote/Nimble Method Patches Speeding up Ruby on Rails

The new Ruby on Rails patches by Acunote/Nimble Method are speeding up Ruby on Rails by a claimed 5X… a friend of mine tried just the ActiveRecord::Base change and reported this:

Yup. I actually just did the ActiveRecord::Base change alone and got a good boost. The code change is pretty solid too. [...]

Boarding Airplanes: A study of queues

I am a certified dork because papers about boarding airplanes interest me.

Analog Concurrency: Boarding a Plane Linked from the above in the comments is this paper: Novel Approaches to Airplane Boarding (PDF Link)

Agile processes are fractal.

Fractal: A mathematically generated pattern that is reproducible at any magnification or reduction.

At a seminar called Lean-Agile Software Testing – Practices and Challenges Jean McAuliffe described lean/agile processes as a fractal. She was talking about applying agile principles at each iteration of development. Principles are hard to [...]

Need a cheap MapReduce? Amazon EC2 and Hadoop is your answer.

It’s time to re-examine those long running batch jobs. Could you partition the data to allow for MapReduce? I bet you can. I know I’ve always wanted an affordable way to fire up 30 servers and run MapReduce operations against giant datasets, it’s confirmed; I’m a dork.

Tom White sent [...]

FavIcon.ico can be a bandwidth hog… if it’s 70K.

This is a good reason to remember that no everyone has a fast connection also.

I got an email from ORCSWEB, my most excellent hosting company (check them out) that I’d used over 230 GIGs of bandwidth for the month. Oy. First, I was happy that the site is doing well, then I was [...]