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The right tool for the job is not often a shotgun.

SOUTHWORTH, Wash. - A man trying to loosen a stubborn lug nut blasted the wheel with a 12-gauge shotgun, injuring himself badly in both legs, Kitsap County sheriff’s deputies said. Seattle PI: Kitsap County man uses shotgun to loosen lug nut, is hospitalized

Beware of falling cows

Can someone calculate the odds for me?

MANSON, Chelan County — A Chelan County fire chief says a couple were lucky they weren’t killed by a cow that fell off a cliff and smashed their minivan. The 600-pound cow fell about 200 feet and landed on the hood of the minivan [...]

Tomahawk vs. Taser? My money’s on Taser

DEPOSIT, N.Y. - Police subdued a man with a Taser gun after he tried to attack an officer with a tomahawk. Tomahawk vs. Taser? My money’s on Taser

I love the news!