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Now hiring! White-box QA Engineer (SDET)

The company I work for, thePlatform, is growing and, I’m looking for a “White-box QA Engineer (SDET).” You should feel confident programming in Java/C# and have experience with any xUnit framework. A background in QA is nice, but having a great tester mentality is what we’re really after. If any of these [...]

Now hiring! Java Software Engineer

The company I work for, thePlatform, is growing, and I’m looking for a “Java Software Engineer” with several “years experience in the design and development of modern enterprise web applications, including the user interface, application server, and database.” Keep in mind that we’re located in Seattle, WA in Lower Queen Anne close to the [...]

Why Top Employees Quit

To do this, we reviewed notes from exit interviews, cross referenced annual reviews and ultimately came up with 178 voluntary terminations from people that would have been considered in the top 20%. To try and keep focused on macro issues, we consolidated the responses and placed them into categories: [...]

Web Dev Internship/Part Time In Bellevue, WA

A friend of mine is looking for a web developer for a part time job/internship. The job calls for 15-20 hours a week developing in a Windows environment. If you know/enjoy IIS, SQL Server, ASP/VbScript and have basic web development skills send me an email and I’ll get you in touch with [...]