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Maven2, Cargo and deploying to Jetty 6 with Commons Logging

Java and it’s classloaders, always a fun time!

Every been using Maven2, Cargo and deploying to Jetty 6 with Commons Logging? Probably not, but if you were you’d run into this I bet.

org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException: Invalid class loader hierarchy.

This is a Type-2 Classloader error. I know, what does that mean?

Type-II: Assignment incompatibility of [...]

Developing your mojo… a maven2 quote.

I have the the Better Builds with Maven book on my desk here opened to “Developing your first Mojo.” EVERYONE that has walked in has commented something clever regarding their mojo.

This afternoon this happened:

dev1: I wish I had developed my first mojo in college. dev2: You [...]

Maven: Why would they name a config file porn.xml?

I was reading this article about Maven 2.0 the other day and wondered why they’d name a config file porn.xml.

pom.xml Fig. A.

FYI, it’s P-O-M.xml. Times New Roman blends makes the m look like r + n on my screen, not sure about yours.

r + n = rn [...]