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Links for 2007-08-23

Here are some snippets from my Google shared items… would you be interested in seeing a link blog post like this everyday? Or would you rather have a linkblog feed like Daring Fireball’s Linked List?

Who wants to live in The Real World?

The Real World must be a truly depressing place to live. [...]

Favorite Fixtional Species: Yoshi

Yoshis have a limited social structure, shown in multiple RPGs as living in villages with a few wooden constructions. However, Yoshis inhabit many areas of the world, from the Mushroom Kingdom to Isle Delfino.

I am glad people spend time writing about Yoshi for Wikipedia.

Switched to Google reader; subscribe to my shared items.

I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader months ago and was planning on adding a linkblog feed here that combined with shared items, but I’m lazy… so for now go subscribe to my Google Reader shared items.

Simple Security: A platoon of dolphins and sea lions

Okay, so let’s review: the Navy has a whole pile of nuclear weapons on the Hood Canal, and their security solution is focused on a platoon of dolphins and sea lions? Dolphins with Frickin Laser Beams

Who’s going to make the extra tutorials and better docs?

Answer: your user community. User Community and ROI

Wow. <– really, it’s not just a vista ad.