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Worst conference acronymn ever? MOIST

The MOntreal Internationalized Software Testing conference possibly has the worst conference abbreviation ever: MOIST

I’ve never been against the word myself, but others really think it’s gross.

Continuations in Natural Language

I was reading about Chris Barker’s research and I found this paper on Continuations in Natural Language interesting. Chris has written another paper called Continuations and the Nature of Quantification that I have yet to read but sounds interesting also.

Continuations have interesting uses, for instance the ambiguous operator can be implemented with them. [...]

IM Ruins Your Grammar? Maybe not…

… linguists Sali Tagliamonte and Derek Denis studied over 70 Toronto teenagers and compared their use of language both in speech and while using instant messaging. They will present their research at the Linguistics Society of Canada and the United States Annual Meeting on August 2. The study finds that [...]

Computational Linguistics? Are you kidding me?

I’ve took a class called “LING 472 Introduction to Computational Linguistics” at UW once, so when my friend sent me this… I had to steal it from and host it here. Thanks 3ric.

The University of Washington now has a Computation Linguistics Professional Masters Program which is interesting, perhaps some day I’ll put all [...]