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Shard your data or you have failed at life.

Protip: if you are starting a business whose success hinges on scalability of a data store, you had best figure out how to shard across N machines before you launch. Using a single instance of MySQL for the whole thing is a strong indicator that you have failed at life. [...]

Smart money’s on JRuby

Title provided by cuningjames from comments on Martin Fowler’s GroovyOrJRuby article

Eh. Sun’s chosen JRuby, funds its development, and publishes relevant development tools; JRuby is much faster than Groovy and stands to become more so; JRuby has rails; JRuby is roughly equivalent to a rather popular language designed by someone not hamstrung by [...]

2008: The year of JRuby?

2008 will probably be the year of JRuby. JRuby solves the two biggest pain points I hear from developers about Ruby.

People think Ruby is slow, so I can’t try it out. I don’t know how we would deploy it, what is all this Apache/Mongrel/Rewrite stuff? Can’t I just deploy on our app server?

Headius by [...]