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Testing File Uploads with Selenium RC and Firefox(Or: Reducing Javascript Security in Firefox for fun and profit.)

People seem to have some problems when it comes to testing file uploads with Selenium RC. I’m not the first to provide a solution but making this work with Selenium RC might take a few more steps.

With Selenium RC you get a fresh browser each time you start a test run. So you’ll [...]

Adding display names to Twitter icon images.

Jeff Barr talked about adding real names to Twitter via greasemonkey..

I’ve been writing lots of ridiculous Javascript to mess with an app I’ve been testing so I put together the quickest and ugliest GreaseMonkey script to do what Jeff asked for, real names on profile pictures.

So, here we are now…

Here is the script if you’re [...]

Javascript Debugger Statement

I’ve been working on debugging Javascript lately and found this gem from the talk “Advanced JavaScript” on Yahoo! YUI theater very interesting.

Javascript as a language spec does not have a debug statement, however all implementations do implement a debugger statement. Douglas Crockford: “Advanced JavaScript” (2 of 3)

To use this [...]