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Hadoop Summit: Facebook creates business intelligence tool called Hive

Hive was developed iteratively by a 2 or 3 person team (I think Jeff Hammerbacher was also involved) making it easy for business analysts to ask ad hoc questions of terabytes worth of logfile data by abstracting MapReduce into a SQL like dialect. Think of it as a data warehouse sitting on top [...]

Who doesn’t need an Amazon EC2 Search Engine AMI?

Last year I was just observing the revolution when I spoke of inverting the CPU model into a rented hourly service for machine images. Now Amazon is asking “Who needs a search engine packed as an AMI? I say, who doesn’t? We’ve been watching desktop search happen in every company from [...]

Need a cheap MapReduce? Amazon EC2 and Hadoop is your answer.

It’s time to re-examine those long running batch jobs. Could you partition the data to allow for MapReduce? I bet you can. I know I’ve always wanted an affordable way to fire up 30 servers and run MapReduce operations against giant datasets, it’s confirmed; I’m a dork.

Tom White sent [...]

Seattle Devs: Concurrent Software Development Talk Monday 12/11/2006

Digipede Evangelista Kim Greenlee will be giving a talk on concurrency and software development at the .NET Developer Association Monday on the Microsoft campus. dan ciruli’s West Coast Grid

If I didn’t already have plans Monday, I’d be at this talk. Sure it’s over in Redmond, but it sounds really interesting.


IBM developerWorks: Introduction to Grid Computing

Grid computing is a critical shift in thinking about how to maximize the value of computing resources. The technology is still fairly nascent, but here at the developerWorks grid computing zone, we’re publishing a steady stream of new articles, tutorials, resources, and tools to bring developers up to speed on this important cutting-edge [...]