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Making Google Maps My Location work on the Samsung Blackjack

Google Maps My Location now works with Cingular/AT&T first generation Blackjack models thanks to the Jan 23, 2008 release of Windows Mobile 6.

To get it working you’ll need to laboriously upgrade your phone… a process that took me about 35 minutes. I’m sure if you’re already an ActiveSync master master you could do this [...]

How to switch from 3G to Edge on Samsung Blackjack

I found this while trying to get Google Maps My Location to work on a first generation Samsung BlackJack. To switch from 3G to Edge. The code did bring up the menu, however I wasn’t able to change any settings. Anyone know if I need another code?

Enter *#1546792*# [...]

Google Maps My Location not supported on Samsung Blackjack SGH-i607

It seems that I can’t enjoy the Google Maps Mobile 2.0 my location feature. Bummer.

** Update 2008-01-31: [Google Maps My Location supported on Samsung Blackjack SGH-i607](

Solution attempt #1

Try to switch from 3G to Edge while running google maps This didn’t work for me, does it work for you? If so, what version of [...]

What does DEP1 mean on Seattle’s Real Time 911 Website?

My friend Matt Michie wondered what the symbol DEP1 matched in his post about Seattle 911 Dispatch on I5. He’s speaking of the real time Seattle 911 mashup that puts 911 calls on google maps. I tried but couldn’t find any information on this DEP1 symbol so wrote in to the Seattle fire department [...]

Real-Time Seattle 911 Information

The view out my office is pretty boring… I get to stare out at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, but I enjoy watching all the fire trucks and emergency vehicles scream down Western Avenue the most. I always wondered where are they going and now that I’ve found Seattle Fire Department’s [...]