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Seattle Scrum Meeting Jan 31st, 2008 Featuring James Shore

I had the chance to meet James Shore at Agile Open Northwest 2007 and have to recommend that you attend the Seattle Scrum Users Group to see him present Agile Requirements with FIT.

If you’re new to FIT, click here to see some of my other posts on FIT. Looking for an agile coach/scrum master in [...]

3 easy steps to your first Selenium acceptance test.

People keep asking me how to start writing Selenium tests. I’m going to give all my secrets away in this easy 3 step plan.

Begin by recording your high level test with Selenium IDE, convert the result into the language of your choice and put the code in a unit test. Walk through the generated code [...]

Stopping a Fitnesse Test when an Error Occurs with FitLibrary DoFixture

On the Yahoo Fitnesse list Lars Norden asked, “how to stop or abort test is condition fails.” If you can use FitLibrary’s DoFixture in flow mode you can do this easily using the special action abandon storytest. This only works if you are “in flow”:

To be in “flow”, the first table [...]

Is Fitnesse ready for the Enterprise? It’s getting there.

I found Is Fitnesse Ready for Enterprise? by Naresh Jian today and was impressed to see that he’s rounded up answers for the most common complaints from those new to Fitnesse. I’m going to throw my feedback into this loop and hope to see the community respond. So what is Fitnesse missing? [...]

Fitnesse, FitLibrary DoFixtures and Selenium: A winning combination.

Jeremy D. Miller wrote two excellent posts that take you step-by-step through the creation of an acceptance test suite using Fitnesse, Selenium and Fitlibrary.

Create a Testing DSL with FitNesse and Selenium (Part 1) Create a Testing DSL with FitNesse and Selenium (Part 2)

In the two posts you’ll see how these pieces were combined to test. [...]