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Perl Regex Tip: Zero-width positive look-aheads are non-capturing.

I used to write regexes all the live long day in a language called WebQL. During that time I must’ve written somewhere between 5000-10000 lines of regular expressions to extract data from various data feeds the crawlers would pull down every day. It’s all fun and games until an angry customer calls wondering [...]

Shard your data or you have failed at life.

Protip: if you are starting a business whose success hinges on scalability of a data store, you had best figure out how to shard across N machines before you launch. Using a single instance of MySQL for the whole thing is a strong indicator that you have failed at life. [...]

SCM and Alternative Input Methods

We’re close to a day when we’ll have the Minority Report interface for managing our branches and merging.

We’ve gone from the wonderful 2D and whiteboard drawings/DOT graphs to some interesting 3D visualizations coupled with alternative interfaces:

Not that I think most people need 3D to get meaningful work accomplished, but I think [...]

Everyone welcome JB Brown to the blog party.

My friend JB Brown has started blogging with a first post about committing a patch to the Code Review Add-In for Team Foundation Server. I hope to see more great posts from him in the coming weeks.

Code duplication: Methods made out of ticky tacky.

I was reading Ted Carnahan on ticky tacky and it reminded me of code duplication. Ever start feeling like you’re in a pre-fab sub-division when you’re looking at your code? You might just have some code duplication to take care of.

The phrase ticky tacky was coined by Malvina Reynolds in the song Little [...]