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Making Google Maps My Location work on the Samsung Blackjack

Google Maps My Location now works with Cingular/AT&T first generation Blackjack models thanks to the Jan 23, 2008 release of Windows Mobile 6.

To get it working you’ll need to laboriously upgrade your phone… a process that took me about 35 minutes. I’m sure if you’re already an ActiveSync master master you could do this [...]

How to switch from 3G to Edge on Samsung Blackjack

I found this while trying to get Google Maps My Location to work on a first generation Samsung BlackJack. To switch from 3G to Edge. The code did bring up the menu, however I wasn’t able to change any settings. Anyone know if I need another code?

Enter *#1546792*# [...]

Samsung Blackjack and Gmail/Google Maps

Update for you BlackJack owners on Cingular, get your extended battery for free if you haven’t already.

Unusual and a nice gesture from Cingular, but if you got your BlackJack a while ago then it came with two standard batteries. In my experience the standard battery lasts less than a day if you are [...]

Where are all the Flip-smartphones in America? Or, Who is the target market for the iPhone?

Philip Greenspun, posted about the iPhone along with a billion other people. I tried adding a couple of comments that were deleted moderated, so I’m adding them here.

Where are the flip phones?

Basically all Japanese phones are flip-phones and it baffles me as to how American consumers are denied the simple interface of [...]