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Bend, Oregon: Mt Bachelor, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company and some snow.

Jodi and I went to Bend for a 4 day spring trip. If you need the long drawn out story, check out the three part series otherwise keep on reading.

Day 1 in Bend, OR: Redmond Airport, Shopping in the Old Mill District and Tumalo Falls Day 2 in Bend, OR: Skiing Mt Bachelor, [...]

Washington State considers allowing craft distilleries.

Bills moving through the state House and Senate with bipartisan support would let Poffenroth, and others like him, operate craft distilleries that offer free samples and sell up to 9 liters of liquor per customer. Seattle Times: Distillers may get lift from the state

Given the quantities of fruit and grain that Washington [...]

Vodka Infusions Take Time

I recently got interested in making some infused vodka… I wasn’t prepared for how long it would take:

Cucumber Vodka This infusion is fabulously refreshing in summer coolers and minimalist Martinis. 1 cup English (hothouse) cucumber, sliced One 750-ml bottle good-quality vodka [...]