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Where to live in San Francisco for a month?

I’m staring my new job by working for a month in San Francisco next Monday. My current problem is I don’t know where to live. I’m going to stay in a hotel for the first couple of days but hope I can find something a bit cheaper for the rest of the [...]

Between Jobs: Days 3 and 4

I’ve been sick. I need one of these to use on myself:

Yesterday I did make it to the Mariners versus White Sox game thanks to a friend having some extra tickets. I was apparently on TV thanks to the great seats, so if you recorded the game look for me 5 rows up [...]

Between Jobs: Day Two

0800: Woke up.

1000: Woke up.

1025: Realized I was registered for Seattle’s Furry 5K

1030: Started reading feeds while partially paying attention to the movie Jawbreaker

1100: Started reading the top 10 presentations on scaling websites: twitter, Flickr, Bloglines, Vox and more.

1200: Lunch/Breakfast/Food

Between Jobs: Day One, Part One

0800: Woke up

0830: Pot of coffee brewed

0900: Started watching the movie Doom

1030: Took Jodi’s dog Kokanee to the vet.

1130: Nearly finished watching Doom

1230: Had lunch with my friend Dan at South Lake Grill

1330: Finished watching Doom

1420: First post