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Fix for HP Setup Assistant on Mac OS X starts on every login.

So, you bought a new HP All-In-One printer for you shiny new new MacBook Pro and you somehow never finished running the Setup Assistant and now you can’t get rid of it and it runs every time you login right? Happened to me and here is how to stop it from running on [...]

Apple wants a Pony!

Everybody wants a pony… Apple is no exception:

Pony Meeting: The process of a senior manager outlining what they wanted from any new application. Or, as Lopp put it: “I want a pony!” He added: “Who doesn’t? A pony is gorgeous!” The problem, he said, is that these people are describing [...]

MacBook Air commentary; best of?

I’m overcome by Apple fanaticism being in San Francisco this week during Macworld.

Jeffery McManus needs a pony…

Not excited about the MacBook Air, even if it is impossibly thin, etc. I don’t need a smaller screen and a smaller hard drive, I need a bigger hard drive, 3G wireless everywhere for a fixed rate [...]