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Who doesn’t need an Amazon EC2 Search Engine AMI?

Last year I was just observing the revolution when I spoke of inverting the CPU model into a rented hourly service for machine images. Now Amazon is asking “Who needs a search engine packed as an AMI? I say, who doesn’t? We’ve been watching desktop search happen in every company from [...]

Need a cheap MapReduce? Amazon EC2 and Hadoop is your answer.

It’s time to re-examine those long running batch jobs. Could you partition the data to allow for MapReduce? I bet you can. I know I’ve always wanted an affordable way to fire up 30 servers and run MapReduce operations against giant datasets, it’s confirmed; I’m a dork.

Tom White sent [...]

Amazon S3, low startup cost and fast startup time.

Have you ever wanted to share some content with 50,000 of your closest friends but couldn’t find the time to setup an Akamai account? I guess Amazon’s S3 might work for you.

It just turned out that the S3 solution was ready for deployment immediately, where akamai requires more negotiation. In other words, [...]