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Firebug for IE 8… I mean something like firebug for IE 8!

We finally have a heavily-Firebug-inspired tool inside Internet Explorer. To quote Joe Hewitt (creator of Firebug): “I couldn’t be happier that Microsoft completely copied Firebug for IE8.” I have to agree - a tool like this has been a long time coming and it’s greatly appreciated. Only the Internet Explorer team would’ve ever [...]

3 easy steps to your first Selenium acceptance test.

People keep asking me how to start writing Selenium tests. I’m going to give all my secrets away in this easy 3 step plan.

Begin by recording your high level test with Selenium IDE, convert the result into the language of your choice and put the code in a unit test. Walk through the generated code [...]

Adding display names to Twitter icon images.

Jeff Barr talked about adding real names to Twitter via greasemonkey..

I’ve been writing lots of ridiculous Javascript to mess with an app I’ve been testing so I put together the quickest and ugliest GreaseMonkey script to do what Jeff asked for, real names on profile pictures.

So, here we are now…

Here is the script if you’re [...]

Javascript Debugger Statement

I’ve been working on debugging Javascript lately and found this gem from the talk “Advanced JavaScript” on Yahoo! YUI theater very interesting.

Javascript as a language spec does not have a debug statement, however all implementations do implement a debugger statement. Douglas Crockford: “Advanced JavaScript” (2 of 3)

To use this [...]