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Seattle Scrum Meeting Jan 31st, 2008 Featuring James Shore

I had the chance to meet James Shore at Agile Open Northwest 2007 and have to recommend that you attend the Seattle Scrum Users Group to see him present Agile Requirements with FIT.

If you’re new to FIT, click here to see some of my other posts on FIT. Looking for an agile coach/scrum master in [...]

Agile processes are fractal.

Fractal: A mathematically generated pattern that is reproducible at any magnification or reduction.

At a seminar called Lean-Agile Software Testing – Practices and Challenges Jean McAuliffe described lean/agile processes as a fractal. She was talking about applying agile principles at each iteration of development. Principles are hard to [...]

Why the three questions in daily scrum?

Jeff Sutherland wrote this post discussing the three questions in the daily scrum. I’m going to steal a couple of his quips, but go read the full post.

What did you do yesterday? This question tests the focus of the team. Anything done that was not work on the backlog [...]

Exploratory Testing, notes and an awesome Google TechTalk video.

The other day during the Sprint Planning Meeting people asked why I wanted a task against a low risk area to perform manual testing. I should have called this exploratory testing. After the meeting I had to take some notes to make sure that I’d be able to give an explanation for the [...]

Highmoon Studios produces a fun video about Scrum

High Moon Studios, part of Vivendi Games, is a game developer currently working on titles for next-generation consoles. The company is founded by game veterans who are passionate about creating compelling, original entertainment experiences. High Moon is best known for Darkwatch (, the hit console game based on original I.P. created by company [...]