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10 Tips towards being a Better Pair Programming Partner

Aimed at parents, [these tips from]( ) are equally applicable to being a good pairing partner. Just swap out “child” for “pairing partner” or “pair”.

Count to 10. This one really works. When you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry, stop. Count slowly to 10 (you can do this in your [...]

Stalk me if you love to W rite T ests F irst!

Thanks to Google Maps new feature, Street View, if you’d like a free coffee come stalk me! You can see the door to the apartment I’m staying in while being in San Francisco by clicking here . Be the first (or one of the first before I run out of coffee money) and I’ll [...]

Pair Programming

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a successful pair programming session. Once you have, you’ll probably feel that programming on your own is incredibly unproductive. Oh… and it’s also great for improving your communication skills; something us programmer/coder/developer types often lack.

Pair Programming is the process where two developers work together on [...]

Can you hear the cries of the carrots in your daily stand-up?

Good stand-ups will feel supportive. When people are knocked down every time they raise a problem, they will tend to stop raising problems. Beyond preventing removal of obstacles, a non-supportive stand-up works against team dynamics. The stand-up instead becomes a ritual that team members dread [LaPlante, 2003]. It’s Not Just [...]

Test Driven Development: Fake it till you make it. Random Number

Need more info? Can Test-Driven Development and Programming By Intention play together?