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Elisabeth Hendrickson on Agile Test Automation

Agile teams need tools that separate the essence of the test from the implementation details. Such a separation is a hallmark of good design and increases maintainability. Agile teams also need tools that support and encourage good programming practices for the code portion of the test automation. And that means they need to [...]

Seattle Scrum Meeting Jan 31st, 2008 Featuring James Shore

I had the chance to meet James Shore at Agile Open Northwest 2007 and have to recommend that you attend the Seattle Scrum Users Group to see him present Agile Requirements with FIT.

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Agility is NOT highly dependent on talented developers; it is dependent on a talented team.

Daniel Aragao wrote “Agile is highly dependent on talented developers” in Why Agile adoption fails? and I must disagree. Agility is dependent on having a talented team. This means that your TEAM is comprised of qualified people.

Agility is dependent on having a talented team.

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Startups need Feedback

“Get your product, your idea, your service to market as quickly as possible and get feedback from customers,” he said. “If you work in a vacuum for six months or a year without getting that feedback, you tend to … forget about the customer.” Ben Curtis of Catch The Best [...]

Agility in 99 Words

Taken from a chapter of The Art of Agile Development this quote make me remember that “on time, on budget” is only a part of the story…

Agile development is popular, but that’s no reason to use it. The real question: will agile development make your team more successful? Success is [...]