Exploring test driven development with Javascript: A look at jsunit, JSSpec, and Screw.Unit

I gave a talk at Seattle Code Camp on testing Javascript about TDD (test driven development) in Javascript using jsunit, JSSpec and Screw.Unit. One thing to come out of this is a github project that is setup to allow you to test your javascript against all three frameworks in one package:


Just want to see what the same tests look like between the frameworks? Here you go! A jsunit example, JSSpec example, Screw.Unit example.

The presentation was a walk through the code, so there aren’t slides yet, contact me if you’re interested in having me present at your company or to your group.

Many thanks to Nick Kallen for Screw.Unit and other various Javascript hackery. Brian Takita for JSSpec/Screw.Unit servers , Edward Hieatt for JsUnit and the blog posts about testing javascript. Finally, I want to thank all all the people at Pivotal Labs for the countless hours of pair programing that led to me learning these libraries and testing techniques.

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