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Getting Git, Subversion and Bazaar Version Control Information into your Bash Prompt

Here are some must have bash PS1 commands if you’re working in multiple branches with various SCMs like git, svn or bzr. With this in your .bash_profile you’ll end up getting the following PS1

wesmaldonado:(git)gchartrb[master]/$ wesmaldonado:(svn)wumpus_project[trunk:141279]/$

Found at Lazy Bash cd aliases. The latest can be pulled from github:


Seattle’s Interbay is no South Lake Union

“You can’t compare this to South Lake Union or downtown,” he says. “Not all areas are created equal.” Jeff Thompson, of the Freehold Group, the development company that has spearheaded the Dravus effort Seattle Times: Red tape fences in Interbay overhaul

Have a look at this google map for a compare [...]

Found in the spam filter, a relationship failure borne of HTTP error codes

A story about an internet crush…

… a few weeks later when I checked my spam filter. “Congrats–most women have to meet me at least twice before a crush wears off,” he’d replied. Cute. I replied, and we ended up having a bizarre but hilarious (to us) discussion about HTTP error codes. (Reproduced after [...]

Headius on Maglev: Is it Ruby?

Charles Nutter had the following to say on the maglev ruby performance numbers:

Except that these are results reported entirely in a vacuum. Whether this is fib following the “rules” of Ruby is entirely an open question. Whether this is method dispatch adhering to Ruby’s call logic is entirely an open question. Whether this [...]