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Checking Gmail POP+SSL with Ruby 1.8.6 in 10 minutes or less.

I needed to check Gmail via POP + SSL and didn’t want to use Ruby 1.9, what did I do?

Step 1: Install the latest version of stunnel

Step 2: Put the contents of the stunnel config file you see below some place convenient like ~/gmail-pop-stunnel.conf

foreground = yes client = [...]

I’m not crazy, the thing on the wire is real… unfortunately.

For the past week Jodi has seen “something outside the window” and I didn’t believe her. Finally yesterday I saw it also. I couldn’t just sit by while a rat/mouse was running on the wire so I had to stalk it and get its picture. Tonight I sat on the deck camera [...]

Google Gears based offline app, boring because it “just worked”?

I’ve spent the past couple of months elbow deep in writing a Ruby on Rails based AJAX/REST/throw-in-whatever-hip-acronyms-you want-here-application. It was the same old “client” and “server” application we’ve all seen… someone enters data in a slick desktop application and then a “dumb client/mobile client” consumes it over some type of shoddy internet connection that [...]