Fix for HP Setup Assistant on Mac OS X starts on every login.

So, you bought a new HP All-In-One printer for you shiny new new MacBook Pro and you somehow never finished running the Setup Assistant and now you can’t get rid of it and it runs every time you login right? Happened to me and here is how to stop it from running on every login.

  1. Quit the setup assistant if it is running.
  2. Open /Library/Preferences/Hewlett-Packard Preferences/
  3. Drag the com.hp.setupassistant preference to the trash.
  4. Restart

I’m interested to see how many people find this post. This happened to me because I choose to hit the “Skip” button when the Setup Assistant ran because I was running short on time and didn’t want to setup the printer right then and there. Bad idea. The installer also doesn’t place the the installer in StartupItems or LoginItems which made it even harder to track down.

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  1. Thank for the tip. It seems to work for me!

  2. Wes-

    Thanks for posting this. Yes, I also had this problem. My problem started because I was installing the printer as a network printer, as my flatmate had his printer shared via his desktop. I had manually set up the printer using the Add Printer Mac OS X interface, installing using the CD only to get the drivers installed. The printer was successfully added, working, and online for me. Next time I rebooted this “assistant” came up and it was too stupid to know I had the printer added already via the share. After a few weeks of the thing driving me crazy, I tried to get it to go away by simply plugging the printer directly into my laptop… nothing.

    Thanks Again! j-

  3. I followed your directions. After trashing the assistant, I restarted my computer. The assistant STILL opened up!!!!!!!! I opened the HP folder and it is no longer there. So, why and HOW is it still opening?????

  4. Thanks for this. I expect that many will find this useful even if they don’t comment. And, it was the top listing in my Google search!

  5. Me too! I tried it, and when I restart we’ll see if it works. Thank you!

  6. thanks, worked!

  7. Thanks for this, it came up top of my Google search “get rid of HP Setup Assistant on Mac”. I use four networked HP printers in two countries regularly, was driving me crazy. I have restarted and it seems to have worked.

  8. Worked for me! Thanks!

  9. I have the same problem, running 10.5.6, with the 1.3.1 update of HP software. There is no /Library/Preferences/Hewlett-Packard Preferences/ folder, but it does appear that there are entries in and loginwindow.plist, which I’m about to try getting rid of…

  10. Really, really, DO NOT DO WHAT I JUST DID!!!!!

    I edited the two plists mentioned using the Plist editor, and trashed my system - well, Finder doesn’t work, and I can no longer log out or shut down!

    It appears these two are system maintained and should not be messed with.

    Much desperate typing in Terminal occurring now…

  11. Hey- I never reply to forums, I just use the information they give me and never give back any appreciation. The only reason I am doing it here is because you specifically mention that you are interested in tracking how many people will use your information. THANK YOU by the way, no longer do I have to deal with that setup window again! I love my mac for its convenience and that was such an inconvenience onto my life. yeah , yeah life is tough! lol thanks again

  12. Thank you so much. Your a life saver You see, I have this problem where I accidentally delete things on my computer that I NEED.

    and this just made my life easier.

  13. excellent tip you saved my day GOOGLE search thanx M.

  14. thank you SO much! after much frustration, I stumbled upon your post in a Google search. I am happily freed from that annoying setup assistant…FINALLY!

  15. Constable Odo on June 25th, 2009 at 6:07 am

    Thanks for that tip. I really got tired of seeing that HP Assistant. I’d only looked in the usual places for that startup file and didn’t find it. You saved me doing a Finder search on all HP crap. Funny thing. I’m sure I installed it correctly with the necessary settings, so why the heck would it keep asking to set up my 2600 all the time. I had installed the on my MacBook Pro and rarely print from it. Anyway, you helped get rid of it and that’s that. Thanks, again.

  16. Thanks for the tip. This had been bugging me for a while and I finally got round to sorting it today. Your tip worked fine and no more HP Assistant.

    many thanks


  17. abritta bjorklund on November 10th, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    thanks this really helped! that was getting on my NERVESSS

  18. Thank you! This was so very helpful. I was so annoyed by it that I was about to uninstall the whole thing.

  19. Whew! What a relief! Many thanks for this useful tip …. now if you can tell me how to use my HP PSC under Snow Leopard ….. :-)

  20. Thank you so much! It worked !

  21. Thanks for this. I am also responding because you wondered if anyone was finding their way to this post. My problem is actually that Mac OS X 10.5.8 won’t recognize my hp officejet scanner and am uuninstalling and reinstalling the HP software (which isn’t working) and can’t get through the Setup Assistant. This solved the problem.

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