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Ruby on Rails doesn’t scale… wait; reverse that.

Dr Nic comments on Friends for Sale Architecture - A 300 Million Page View/Month Facebook Ruby on Rails App with this gem:

Um you guys probably weren’t at the meeting when it was decided that “Rails doesn’t scale”. I’ll forgive you this once, but don’t let me catch you scaling Rails again.

Amazing avalanche photos from Stevens Pass in the Cascades

More pictures are available on flickr via the WADOT

A snow cat sits on a 40 foot tall wall of snow covering US 2 at Stevens Pass, WA

Creating persistent APIs for any website: The Secret Sauce is Dapper

I written about creating an API for any website before, but those methods were fraught with danger if the underlying site changed its structure. I’ve known about dapper for quite some time but I didn’t realize that dapps are resilient against underlying site changes until now.

The “Dapp Factory,” a Rhino-based server application [...] launches… feel free to tip me! launched last Friday. The premise is that you can leave a tip and build up a balance before having to give out your credit card number or PayPal account information. So far everyone I’ve talked to says that they wouldn’t leave a tip if they saw the banner ad, what do you [...]

Seattle has a Functional Programming Interest Group


All, Apologies for multiple listings. A small cadre of us are organizing a Northwest Functional Programming Interest Group (hey… NWFPIG, that’s kinda funny). Our first official meeting is at the The Seattle Public Library 1000 - 4th Ave. Seattle, [...]