MacBook Air commentary; best of?

I’m overcome by Apple fanaticism being in San Francisco this week during Macworld.

Jeffery McManus needs a pony…

Not excited about the MacBook Air, even if it is impossibly thin, etc. I don’t need a smaller screen and a smaller hard drive, I need a bigger hard drive, 3G wireless everywhere for a fixed rate of $20 a month, and more battery life. And more memory. And a pony.

I have to say… And a pony?

Techcrunch has just one more thing

Now here’s the downside. The price. $1799.

Popgadget likes the beauty:

The MacBook Air. Sigh…. It’s a beauty. I want to resist, but these MacBooks keep getting thinner and prettier and smarter, like a supermodel with an advanced degree.

Only images can convey perhaps last year’s stock market up’s and this years stock market downs for Apple.

caboose apple versus …

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  1. Pony Overload! I can’t believe I love this Mac… craziness.

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