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Making Google Maps My Location work on the Samsung Blackjack

Google Maps My Location now works with Cingular/AT&T first generation Blackjack models thanks to the Jan 23, 2008 release of Windows Mobile 6.

To get it working you’ll need to laboriously upgrade your phone… a process that took me about 35 minutes. I’m sure if you’re already an ActiveSync master master you could do this [...]

How to switch from 3G to Edge on Samsung Blackjack

I found this while trying to get Google Maps My Location to work on a first generation Samsung BlackJack. To switch from 3G to Edge. The code did bring up the menu, however I wasn’t able to change any settings. Anyone know if I need another code?

Enter *#1546792*# [...]

Seattle Scrum Meeting Jan 31st, 2008 Featuring James Shore

I had the chance to meet James Shore at Agile Open Northwest 2007 and have to recommend that you attend the Seattle Scrum Users Group to see him present Agile Requirements with FIT.

If you’re new to FIT, click here to see some of my other posts on FIT. Looking for an agile coach/scrum master in [...]

The What and Why of fixing java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

The permanent generation is the area of heap that holds all the reflective data of the virtual machine itself, such as class and method objects (also called “method area” in The Java Virtual Machine Specification).

Translation: PermGen holds the information that makes the JVM work.

Why do you care?

If an application loads “too many” [...]

Washington State considers allowing craft distilleries.

Bills moving through the state House and Senate with bipartisan support would let Poffenroth, and others like him, operate craft distilleries that offer free samples and sell up to 9 liters of liquor per customer. Seattle Times: Distillers may get lift from the state

Given the quantities of fruit and grain that Washington [...]