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Shard your data or you have failed at life.

Protip: if you are starting a business whose success hinges on scalability of a data store, you had best figure out how to shard across N machines before you launch. Using a single instance of MySQL for the whole thing is a strong indicator that you have failed at life. [...]

WesSS: Start-Up Legal Fees, ASP.NET MVC, WiiMote Whiteboards, Rails Conf, and the SLUT

WesSS, the Wes Syndication Stream is my daily shared items from google reader and the internet at large. If you’d like to get a smattering of content similar to the content below you should go signup for WesSS now! Topics range from the latest Ruby and Rails info, start-up/Venture Capital legal fees, [...]

10 Tips towards being a Better Pair Programming Partner

Aimed at parents, [these tips from]( ) are equally applicable to being a good pairing partner. Just swap out “child” for “pairing partner” or “pair”.

Count to 10. This one really works. When you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry, stop. Count slowly to 10 (you can do this in your [...]

Seattle Dorkbot: People Doing Strange Things With Electricty

I made it to seattle dorkbot last weekend. Here are a few pictures from people doing strange things with electricity. These pictures are from David Scott’s Metamorphosis. Click on the picture below or just go see my Flickr set seattle dorkbot pictures.

These pictures are from the exhibit Metamorphosis:

“Metamorphosis” is a [...]

Lean: Stopping the Line, Empowering the Individual to Affect Quality in Medicine

Reddit is amazed by the New Yorker article The Checklist that explains how a simple checklist in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) helped save many lives and lower infection rates in patients from 11% to practically 0. The checklist is given far too much credit in this story though, the important information is that [...]