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Seattle Parks offering Halloween Pony Rides!

I’m going to let you in on a secret, about 50% of my traffic comes via the google image search for “pony”. It’s a rather unfortunate thing that I blame on Joel Spolsky. However, in the spirit of breaking the blogging rules about keeping your content focused… here is more pony related [...]

Notes from Alistair Cockburn’s Talk at the Seattle APLN Meeting

Last night I attended the Seattle Agile Project Leadership Network meeting to see Alistair Cockburn give a talk about all things agile. Thanks go out to David J. Anderson and Dragos for arranging the talk. Here are some quickly scribbled notes:

One person was key to making a project successful, not a [...]

Pumpkin Patch Tuesday

Jodi and I visited the Chapman Pumpkin Patch in Brady, Washington, USA this weekend. She has some good pictures posted, go check ‘em out.

Seattle Java User Group: Introducing Agile Development to Your Organization

Introducing Agile Development to Your Organization October 16th (evening): Seattle Java User Group In this presentation, James Shore will discuss the patterns and trends he’s seen in over seven years of helping teams adopt agile methods. Learn about the three basic approaches to agile adoption (whole-hog, structure-first, and technology-first) [...]